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You’ve made the decision to divorce; now you have to wade through all the ads for divorce lawyers online and offline and decide which one is right for you.

But, wait, before you do that, do some research. Research that will keep you from hiring a divorce lawyer that compounds your problems instead of helps. Your first step should be talking to friends and family for personal references. This is a good way to find out not only the names of good divorce lawyers but also names of those you want to stay away from.

In this article I go over some important considerations when hiring a divorce lawyer and working with your lawyer once you’ve hired him/her.

Getting Ready To Hire a Divorce Lawyer: Hiring a divorce lawyer is not your first step in the divorce process. Getting ready for consultations with divorce lawyers is your first step.

Before You Hire a Divorce Lawyer: We all know what divorce lawyers do, they assist you in navigating the legal process of divorce. All divorce lawyers have been to law school and passed your State’s Bar Exam. That does not mean all divorce lawyers are made equal. Don’t think that just because you have hired a lawyer your rights will be protected.

After You Hire a Divorce Lawyer:

Now that you’ve decided on a divorce lawyer you will want to organize information and documents your attorney will need from you. You will also want to study your state’s divorce laws. Lawyers make mistakes, it is up to you to learn how your state handles divorce so you can, in turn make sure that the lawyer you hire is protecting your legal rights during your divorce.

Once the divorce process begins it is important that your divorce lawyer understand that you are to play a role in every decision he/she makes regarding your case. Some divorce lawyers are quite adversarial…chomping at the bit for a fight with the opposing counsel.

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