3 Situations You Don’t Need a Lawyer


There are really very few legal situations in which you will not need a lawyer, but here are a few:

1. Small Claims Court

This court is reserved for civil disputes that do not involve large sums of money. Normally, this is an informal procedure – both sides tell their stories and the judge decides.

2. Disobey Traffic

Pay the fine and get over it. The only exception to this general rule is if the fine will put enough points on your license to cause a suspension or if the offense is serious enough that your insurance rates will skyrocket. In these situations, a lawyer can get the fine reduced to a non-moving offense and the only consequence will be a minor fine.

3. Lawsuits That You Do Not Want to Contest

If someone is suing you and you know in advance what they are asking for and are willing to pay the amount, you can simply plead no contest, appear in court without an attorney, or not appear at all. If you don’t appear, a summary judgment will be issued against you.


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