5 ways to outsmart your landlord as a tenant

If you belong to the majority of tenants with terrible landlords/ladies, these tips are for you.

Landlords can be very funny.

Most assume they own your life, just because you pay them rent.

Here are five ways to outsmart your landlord.

  1. Have a lawyer read your tenancy agreement- A lot of landlords get away with things because tenants do not do their homework. Always have a lawyer proofread your agreement before you sign anything.

  2. Take preventive measures to ensure that your landlord gives you enough notice before any increase in rent.

  3. Take a before picture to ensure that you get your caution fee. This is a backup plan, in case your landlord tries to swindle you out of your Caution Fee/ Deposit For Damage.

  4. Avoid being too friendly with your landlord- This tip is for tenants, who have their landlords in the same compound or area. Be polite, without being over friendly. This might be the only way to be in charge of your home.

  5. Ask questions- Do not be afraid to ask question when you are looking for the perfect house. Ask neighbours, people living around about the light and water situation, your landlord’s temperament, why the last tenant left, e.t.c.

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